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Library Paper 09 launches at TOKEN NYC, 11/28, 7–9pm.

Featuring: Adam Ridgeway, Alexis Mark, Alessandro Simonetti, Amardeep Singh, Ben Rayner, Bryan Rivera, Carla and Karlis, Chadwick Tyler, Clint Soren, Colin Smight, Daniel Regan, Darren Oorloff, David Linchen, Emily Shaffer, HARD, Ignored Prayers, Jack Belgrove, Jeremy Dean, Joseph Barrett, Justin Hager, Kaj Jefferies, Kingsley Ifill, Lola & Pani, Matt Borgia, Mikey Joyce, Office Ultra, OWVBICS, Playlab Inc., Reginald Sylvester II, Rob Cordiner, Santi de Hita, Sedition Magazine, Tim Barber, Vance Wellenstein, Wrong Studio, Yotam Hadar and Zachary Harrell Jones.

With: Cali Thornhill Dewitt Peter Sutherland Omar Almufti.

Buy Xanax From Europe