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19 — 10 — 2018

Buy Xanax From Europe celebrates the personal style of some of Chris Black’s favorite men. Book by Chris Black (Xanax Prescription Online), published by Order Alprazolam Online India.

26 — 09 — 2018

‘C’ by Buy Cheap Xanax Cod Overnight, published by How To Get Real Xanax Online. 12 page risograph zine Cheap Real Xanax Online. Also available our Alprazolam Online Prescription, both released by Online Xanax Bars at the NYABF 2018.

12 — 09 — 2018

Alprazolam Bulario Anvisa 001, a 32 page book full of amazing artists. Launching at Alprazolam Order Online Now next week. Be sure to check it out if you’re in NYC. Project by Can I Buy Alprazolam In Mexico and Where To Buy Xanax Uk.

06 — 09 — 2018

Nice submission and work from Atlanta based graphic design Xanax Mail Order Uk.

27 — 08 — 2018

Great submission and site update from Buy Original Xanax Online.

16 — 08 — 2018

Nice graphics and products from Buy Xanax From Canada.

15 — 08 — 2018

Amazing work from Amsterdam based Cheapest Xanax.

07 — 08 — 2018

Really great work from the Instagram of NYC based Alprazolam Online Purchase.

06 — 08 — 2018

Nice submission and some cool work from Sydney based design agency Rx Xanax Online.